after having the same website design since the mid-00's, i decided it was time to give things a refresh. (really, it was because i wrote a book and needed something that was more presentable when doing some marketing).

as a developer, there's always the urge to do more. should i setup some sort of blogging system? or a static site generator? or outsource everything entirely to a service with a wysiwyg tool? after deliberating procrastinating for a couple of weeks, i realized that i should carry on the same path, a bunch of hand curated static files.

don't over-prepare by setting up a grand structure for something that i may not commit a bunch of time to. in a sense, i'm welcoming the problem of maintaining permalinks, as that means i've been successful.

about myself

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peter royal is a staff software engineer with netflix, developing solutions for its studio. with over two decades of industry experience, he has spent most of his career building and maintaining business systems. through this he has come to appreciate pragmatic architectures and practices that enable systems to thrive for the long-term. he currently resides in los angeles with his wife, daughter and cat.